Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gluten Free Fast Food

You deserve a break today! You just might not be getting it at a fast food restaurant. Most fast food places are very slow in getting the GF picture, while some are slowly coming around. Following is a list of some FF joints and their allergen info. Feel free to contact the individual restaurants for more info, and to bug them about providing gluten free items.

Arby’s is great about packaging the roast beef in a plastic container, rather than placing it on a bun. The curly fries have gluten, but the potato cakes seem to be GF.

Burger King: Very few GF items.,2,-1

Carls Jr:
There are a couple of things here:
The Six Dollar Lo Carb Burger
Regular & Chili Fries

In-N-Out: Very GF friendly… you can get any burger "Protein Style" or wrapped in lettuce instead of serving it on a bun. Protein Style is listed in their "Secret Menu" Also their French fries are made fresh from potatoes that were washed, peeled and cooked minutes before they are served to you.

Jack in the Box:

Not much here.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken):
Not a whole lot here, either, although a few sides a GF.

McDonald's: McDonald’s offers Allergen info on their website:
There is very little there that is gluten-free—even their fries and hash browns contain wheat! The salads seem safe, just watch out for the dressings. Most of the ice cream products look safe, too. Always check before you dine, though.

There are quite a few choices on this menu, like fries and tots; just order your burger bunless.

According to the chart, the following salads are GF:
Chicken & Bacon Ranch (includes cheese)
Cold Cut Combo
Ham (Black Forest)
Italian BMT®
Roast Beef
Roasted Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast
Turkey Breast & Ham
Spicy Italian
Subway Club®
Subway Club®
Veggie Delite®

Taco Bell:
According to Taco Bell's Allergen chart only three things on the menu are gluten free.
Side of Rice
Side of Pinto Beans and Cheese

Wendy's: Wonderful Wendy’s has their own GF list!
All of their hamburgers can be ordered bunless. They serve croutons packaged on the side of their salads, so you don’t have to pick them out. The baked potatoes and chili are gluten free.

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