Monday, June 29, 2009

GF Betty Crocker Mixes Are Here!

They're here!  Betty Crocker's Gluten-Free dessert mixes have arrived.

General Mills has recently launched 4 gluten-free baking mixes: Brownies, Devil's Food Cake, Yellow Cake and Chocolate Chip cookies.  They all mix up easily with just butter, eggs and/or oil - no need for extra flours or weird "gums".  The products are made in an entirely GF facility, so there's no chance of cross-contamination.  While the mixes, at about 3.99 each,  are more expensive than non-GF mixes, they are still less expensive than many other GF cake, cookie and brownie mixes out there and they're much easier to make.

Go to Betty's web site to find out about these products and use their product locator. The website also has lots of good information; there's even a bunch of pages with creative recipes using the new products.  Try the Lemon Lovers' Cupcake, which uses the yellow cake mix.

[from my Examiner post]

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