Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She's Done it Again! Jules Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Well, she's done it again.  First, Jules Dowler Shepard, who birthed Julesglutenfree.com, brightened the lives of people with celiac disease (and others who have to eat gluten free) by giving us her gluten free all-purpose flour, which measures cup for cup just like non-GF flour, with none of the grittiness or heaviness we've come to expect with gluten free baked goods.  Now that mix "is at the heart of" her new gluten free cookie mix, to give us cookies that are just as yummy and versatile as her flour mix.  I just finished eating a cookie (or two or three...) that I baked using the mix, and I am one happy camper!

The mix comes in a hefty 1.31 pound package, which makes a lot of batter when  mixed according to the directions (with 8 tbs. butter or alternative, 8 tbs. shortening, 2 large eggs and vanilla).  The nutrition facts tell you to expect about 60 cookies, but I have a feeling it might make more.  (I haven't baked all of it yet--I was so excited to tell you about it!)  Speaking of batter - it's delicious!  Yes, I know it's pass√© to eat raw cookie dough these days (but why was it okay when we were kids?  Never mind - that's another topic for another day), but I haven't had good batter in years.  I just had to try it.  And guess what?  YUM!  (Now for the disclaimer: don't eat raw cookie dough; it's bad for you.)

I made some of the cookies with chocolate chips, some with chocolate and peanut butter chips, a few I sprinkled with decorator sugar and a few I left perfectly naked.  They were all wonderful!  They tasted like...well--cookies!  And since I've been missing a certain Pepperidge Farm cookie these past 9 years, I used Jules' cookies to make my own "Milanos".  I made plain round cookies, very thin, and cooled them on a rack.  Then I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips and sandwiched them between two of the cookies.  Tada!  Gluten free Milano!  Maybe I should rename them...

How does "Juliano" sound, after our hero, Jules?  :)

Thanks again, Jules dear, for putting your heart and soul into this awesome cookie mix.

You can find Jules' products on her website or at various retail shops throughout the US.  Her cookbook, Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating is also available on her site or at Amazon.com (see below).

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