Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet the GF Bloggers: The Goddess

The gluten free community has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, due largely to social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, and to all the bloggers out there, disseminating their hard-earned information with the rest of us.  In my upcoming blog posts, I’m going to focus on some of these heroes of the GF world.  Some you may already know and love, and some may be new to you, but all will impress you with their knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication.

It only makes sense to start off with The Gluten-Free Goddess herself, Karina Allrich.  Karina’s blog, Glutenfreegoddess, is a beautiful site, filled with Karina’s own gorgeous photography and melodic prose.  Her blog abounds with incredible recipes, all brilliantly organized.  Many are vegan and vegetarian, as well as gluten free.  Her fare is not the same-old same-old; you’ll find some pretty unusual recipes here, like Quinoa Breakfast Brownies and Kicked up Mac and Cheese .  Every recipe is accompanied by Karina’s own mouthwatering photographs, such as this Orange Crème Cupcake .

photo courtesy of Gluten-Free Goddess
There are also so many excellent tips and ideas for going gluten free.  GlutenFreeGoddess is one of the sites to where I send my newly diagnosed friends.  Her gluten free cheat sheet  is indispensible. 

Reading Karina’s posts feels like sitting down with a witty friend and a cup of tea.  Her FAQs are not only enlightening; they’re funny, too, like her answer to this question about whether or not spelt is gluten free: “No, Darling. Spelt is NOT gluten-free. No matter what the Earth shoe wearing guy in the bulk nuts department tells you. Spelt is an ancient grain in the wheat family. It contains gluten. Avoid it like the plague.”  
One of my favorite blog posts of Karina's has nothing to do with gluten free food at all.  It is 56 Things to Remember, a heartfelt list of advice and ideas for anyone who's just trying to be a decent person in a sometimes indecent world.  When I first read this, I forwarded it to all my friends.  Every single one of them found at least a few items that made them laugh out loud (or just say "Hmmm...").  My personal favorites are 8, 18 and 31.

Karina is something of a renaissance woman.  Not only does she write and create amazing recipes and blog posts, but she is also a gifted photographer  and artist.  Her work is beautiful but make sure you have some time to look at her art.  I promise you will get caught up in the photos and lose all track of time!


Karina Allrich said...

Wow- what a beautiful post! I am humbled and honored. Your kind and poetic words have made my day. Thank you so much- from the bottom of my gluten-free little heart. Smooches, Karina xox

Iris said...

Great post. Karina's blog was definitely one of the first I found when I first learned about being gluten intolerant, and I always go back for her great recipes, tips, and sense of humor. And I love her 56 things to remember too. :)

de said...

Karina's site was one of the first I found as well. Being new to the GF lifestyle, it's a life saver and I'm a fan for life! Thanks Karina!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Karina's blog helped me so much when I went gluten-free. She is a renaissance woman for sure.

glutenfreespinner said...

Thanks for this post...without a doubt, Karina IS the goddess of gluten free bloggers. Well deserved and beautifully written. Thanks Lizzie!


David H said...

As Regards the Social Netwoorking, new sites dedicated to Celiacs are up and running.

Gluten Free Faces


Gluten Free Bloggers

On a recent serch for GF Bloggers, the search listed 100's of blogs I've never come across before.

Best Regards,