Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taste the (Gluten Free) Rainbow!

Chris Galli, who owns the Spoonful of Sugar Bake Shop on, recently sent me a sample of her Italian Venetian Rainbow cookies.  My Italian's a little rusty, but all I can say is "fantastico!"  These bright little cakes of yumminess were just as I remembered them from when I was a kid b.c.(before celiac), if not a little better.  The almond flavoring was just right, not too overpowering but definitely there.  And moist?  Mamma mia, these cakes were so moist!  My older daughter said you didn't even need a glass of milk with them (which you usually do when you're having GF baked goods!)  They were coated with a yummy chocolate ganache and there was a nice little spread of seedless raspberry jam between each layer.  I almost didn't believe these cakes were gluten free, but Chris assured me that they were.

Chris' shop has other gluten free goodies, too: pignoli cookies, thumbprint cookies, Amaretto butter cookies, to name a few, as well as treats for the gluten-eaters in your life.  She loves to customize her creations, so don't be afraid to ask.  How cute would these pink rainbow cakes look at a baby shower?
Her cookies and cakes come beautifully packaged, too, so they'd make awesome gifts.  I know etsy is not where we usually find our gluten free goodies, but pop on over there and check out Chris Galli's Spoonful of Sugar Bakeshop.  Delizioso!

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