Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet the GF Bloggers: Amy is Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free

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As a child, Amy Green went from super-skinny to plump.  As a heavy teen, she was bullied and miserable.  She tried every diet under the sun but could never shake those cravings for sugar and carbs.  A chance conversation with a friend helped her discover that she was fighting a losing battle.  As long as she continued to eat gluten and refined sugar, she was going to continue having cravings and would never be able to lose weight.  It took some experimentation, but Amy was able to find a way of eating that worked for her whole self; body, mind and soul.  Since then, Amy has maintained a weight loss of over sixty pounds.  She is dedicated to creating nourishing meals and original, healthy recipes. 

Amy’s blog, Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free, is chock full of articles, recipes, stories and beautiful pictures of food.  As her tagline says, “Fabulous food made healthier”, she finds ways to make our favorites better for us, such as Chocolate Cupcakes with Agave nectar instead of white sugar and chewy chocolate brownies that get their sweetness from dates and are BONUS! fat free.  

photo courtesy of Simply Sugar & Gluten Free

Amy seems to be friends with every gluten free blogger out there, so there is a lot of sharing going on.  You’re bound to find the recipe you’re looking for here, even if it didn’t originate in Amy’s kitchen.  And because she’s so passionate about the gluten- and sugar-free lifestyle, you’ll find Amy guest blogging all over the web.  Here, she helps the food allergic in Dallas deal with eating out.  There is also a great How-To section, where you'll find lots of useful information, like how to make perfect hard boiled eggs.  

Visit Amy Green at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and see what she’s up to.  She’ll even share her before and after photos with you.  Now that’s dedication!

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Amy Green said...

Thanks so much for posting about me! I love it...and it's such an honor.

I'll share a link on my next post and I'm off to share this via Twitter. Hugs!!