Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Planner?

(this post is a rerun.  I also posted it on our other blog, Fuzziest Bunny Slippers.)

I have a question for all my cyber-buddies: do you use a formal planner (calendar, program, etc.) to get ready for the holidays?

I just realized that it's December 1 (duh) and I should be planning all of my baking and decorating and shopping, just so I don't end up on Christmas Day strung out and cranky. 

I went over to because back when I used to do her routines, I felt so much more organized and in control. But, OMGosh! - FlyLady expects you to have all your preparations DONE by Dec. 1! Yikes!!!!

Am I overthinking this? Is it as simple as a list and a calendar? (I just love to have everything mapped out for me, though!) I trust your opinions.  What do YOU do?


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