Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pinterest is a Great Source for Gluten-Free Info

You know Pinterest, right?  That uber-addictive site where users can find and share inspiration, via "pins" or photos of items or ideas, displaying them on "boards," much like the now-archaic bulletin boards.  (If you've never heard of Pinterest, I'm sorry.  You may go back to underneath your rock and I promise to leave you alone.)  Pinterest has become so widely used that now you can type just about anything into its search box and find corresponding pins.  In fact, I just searched "Food Tattoo" and I got to 200 pins and stopped counting. 

Many people use Pinterest to share decorating ideas, wedding images, vacation destinations and more, but it has become a treasure trove of great recipes, especially specialty recipes, like sugar-free, vegan and, of course, gluten-free.  I've made many dishes whose recipes came from Pinterest and many of my favorite GF authors and bloggers have Pinterest accounts.  Check out Gluten-Free on a Shoestring, with its budget friendly GF dishes and fun copycat recipes; find great GF foods among Budget Savvy Diva's money-saving tips and advice; Glutenista Gluten-Free has recipes, tips and tricks and on Gluten Free Works, you'll find more recipes than you can possibly make and eat in your lifetime.  Easy Eats, a cool online GF magazine, has a ton of up-to-the minute gluten-free and Celiac Disease information and recipes.  The photos alone will blow you away!  (Just look at that cupcake, below!)
Devil's Food Cupcake by Easy Eats
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