Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday NoGii Bars Deal!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's gluten-free journey started in Australia while on the reality show "Survivor." While the rest of the cast was getting weaker and feeling worse on a limited diet, Elisabeth was feeling better the longer she was there. She found out later that she has celiac disease, so a diet of only rice and fish was actually helping to heal her gut.

Since her diagnosis, Elisabeth has been the golden girl of gluten-free eating, writing two bestsellers on the subject and starting a brand of protein bars and powder. NoGii bars and protein powder are a smart and delicious way to get your protein on the the go, without worrying that you're ingesting gluten. And because she wants to take care of people with celiac disease and others who can't consume gluten, she's offering us a Black Friday special.

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